A Letter to Moms

A Letter to Moms


To all the moms of the worlds,

We wish to give our sincerest thanks to you for bringing lives to this world and more. You have been working so hard, doing so much, giving care for your children and for your home as well. You may sometimes feel like you are never enough. But don’t worry, you are doing fine. Because you are moms, and moms know best on how to be a mom. We are always rooting for you.

And for the wonderful works you did, you deserve all the peace and happiness in your lives, not just in this Mother’s day, but every day. Spread the love and keep on being awesome! Happy Mother’s day!

- Mom, you are the greatest gift that I have ever had.- 


- Always Love Your Mother Because You Will Never Get Another. - 


- I'm proud to be your child.- 


- No matter how far away you are, you're always in my heart. - 



- No love is greater than mom's love. -


Happy Mother's Day!


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