Kill them with kindness

Kill them with kindness

Some people believe in a god, some do not. Some people believe in miracles, some do not. But no matter who they are, everyone can believe in kindness. Kindness is powerful, but all-powerful. Kindness alone cannot change fate. It cannot stop bad things happen to good people. It cannot perform miracles. But kindness can change people. It can help us feel each other's pain. It can motivate people to do great things. We can fight against the negativity in this world with a little more kindness for each other, and it will make our short, short time in this vast, vast universe much better. No matter what you believe in, won't you believe in kindness, at least?


 - Be kind for everyone you meet is finding a hard battle. -


 - Spread love, not hate. - 


 - Whoever is happy, will make others happy. -


- Wherever life plants you, bloom with your grace from within. - 



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